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Excellent Emergency Care…Every Patient…Every Time.


Chesapeake Emergency Physicians has been offering quality, emergency health care services since 1976 when Chesapeake General Hospital opened its doors. Our mission is to provide excellent emergency care, for every patient, every time.

With a highly skilled, experienced team of medical professionals, coupled with the most advanced emergency department technology, Chesapeake Emergency Physicians offers the best care available for all your health care needs. Chesapeake Emergency Physicians cares for an estimated 80,000 patients annually from throughout Hampton Roads.

Chesapeake Emergency Physicians strives for the most efficient door-to-provider times in the region. Every patient will be seen in our Emergency Department by a Board Certified Emergency Medicine physician. These two components of our practice embody Chesapeake Emergency Physicians’ mission for the highest level of quality efficient care for you and yours.

Chesapeake Emergency Physicians is a proud partner with Chesapeake Regional Healthcare.

Chesapeake Emergency Physicians receive Proclamation from the City of Chesapeake

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Health News

Dear Neighbors:

We would like to thank so many of you for helping us during our group’s negotiations with Anthem Blue Cross Blue Shield of Virginia.  To help preserve access to emergency medical care for our Anthem patients, Chesapeake Emergency Physicians (CEP) has agreed to a short term contract with that insurer.

Our long term goals have not changed.  We will continue to pursue equitable and fair compensation from Anthem that will allow us to maintain the highest level of provider coverage and which will permit us to recruit and retain the most qualified doctors and physician assistants.

Again, we would like to thank the many citizens of our community, our elected and appointed officials as well as Chesapeake Regional Healthcare’s Administration, medical staff and the Hospital Authority for their encouragement and support.

To keep up to date on this issue and to learn more, please visit us at ChesapeakeEmergencyPhysicians.com

Thank you again,
David A. Pitrolo, M.D., FAAEM
President, Chesapeake Emergency Physicians

The Doctor Says…

Forget the flu with some easy tips

American icon Ben Franklin knew what he was talking about when he said, “An ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure.” With flu season among us, it’s the best time to prevent the nasty bug from dragging down your health and the ones you love. Make sure you get in the habit of washing your hands frequently to limit the transfer and spread of bacteria, viruses and other microbes. It’s also important to get your flu vaccine, readily available nowadays at doctors’ offices and most pharmacies. If you do develop flu symptoms, fever, chills, aches, a cough and sore throat, limit your interaction with other people as much as possible. If your fever is elevated, and you’re having trouble drinking, eating or breathing, seek medical attention. Remember, prevention is the key.


Keep fit even when the weather is frosty

Don’t let the winter weather outside keep you from working out. It’s extremely important to maintain that fitness regimen 12 months of the year. With an added effort and a healthy attitude, you can find creative ways to work out indoors, at home, at local gyms, wellness facilities and recreation centers throughout the area. In fact, a recent study showed that even a moderate level of exercise has a long-term effect on your immune system. Don’t let cold temperatures freeze your efforts to stay in shape.

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